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Erythropotamos (Ερυθροπόταμος)
Luda reka (Луда река)
Reka Luda Qna.jpg
Luda reka in Bulgaria
Native name Luda reka (Луда река)
Country Bulgaria, Greece
Basin features
Main source Eastern Rhodope Mountains
River mouth Maritsa/Evros
41°19′41″N 26°30′33″E / 41.32806°N 26.50917°E / 41.32806; 26.50917Coordinates: 41°19′41″N 26°30′33″E / 41.32806°N 26.50917°E / 41.32806; 26.50917
Physical characteristics
Length approx. 100 km (62 mi)

The Erythropotamos (Greek: Ερυθροπόταμος, meaning "red river") or Luda reka (Bulgarian: Луда река, meaning "mad river") is a river in southern Bulgaria (Haskovo Province) and northeastern Greece (Evros regional unit). Its Turkish name was Küzüldeli Su. Its source is near Mega Dereio. It flows into the Maritsa (Evros) near Didymoteicho.

The source of the river is in the eastern Rhodope Mountains in the western Evros regional unit, Greece, near the village Mikro Dereio. It crosses the border with Bulgaria near Gorno Lukovo in the Ivaylovgrad municipality, and forms the Greek-Bulgarian border for several kilometers. It crosses back into Greece between the villages Siv Kladenets and Alepochori. It passes the villages Ladi, Mani and Koufovouno before flowing into the Evros just beyond Didymoteicho.

Its largest tributary is the Byala reka ("white river") in Bulgaria, which flows into the Luda reka near the village Odrintsi.