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Erzsébet Cseszneky de Milvány et Nemesvarbók (Slovak: Alžbeta Česneková) was a Hungarian noble who lived in the 17th–18th centuries.

Erzsébet Cseszneky was either a member of the Veszprém branch or of the Nemesvarbók branch, of the Cseszneky family. Her parents had probably became impoverished because despite her high-born origin, she got married to a Slovak butcher from Nagyócsa, Matej Bel-Funtík (Hungarian: Mátyás Bél-Funtik). They settled down in Zólyom county. In 1684 she gave birth to Matthias Bel (Matej Bel, Bél Matyás), a famous writer, polyhistor, and Lutheran theologian. After her husband's death in 1704, Erzsébet made a lot of sacrifices for her son's education.

She is also highly respected by the Hungarian and the Slovak Lutheran Churches as their benefactor.[original research?]

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