Erzsébet Czobor

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Erzsébet Czobor
Baroness of Czoborszentmihály
Baroness Erzsébet in her bier
Full name
Baroness Erzsébet Czobor de Czoborszentmihály
Died31 March 1626
Szomolány, Kingdom of Hungary
(today: Smolenice, Slovakia)
Noble familyHouse of Czobor
House of Thurzó
Spouse(s)Count György Thurzó de Bethlenfalva (1592–1616)
FatherBaron Imre Czobor de Czoborszentmihály
MotherBorbála Perényi de Perény

Baroness Erzsébet Czobor de Czoborszentmihály (1572 – 31 March 1626) was the second wife of Palatine György Thurzó.[1]


Her parents were Imre Czobor, who served as Palatinal Governor of Hungary between 1572 and 1581, and his third wife, Borbála Perényi de Perény.[2]

Thurzó and Erzsébet married on 2 February 1592 in Sasvár (today part of Šaštín-Stráže, Slovakia). They had several children:


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