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Qatar Satellite Company - Es'hailSat
Key people
Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, Chief Executive Officer

Es'hailSat is a Qatar-based communications satellite operator.[1] The company provides direct-to-home television with its satellite,[2] and hopes to provide further television-related services in the future.[3] The company launched the first-ever Qatar satellite – Es'hail 1 – in a collaboration with European satellite operator Eutelsat;[4] Es'hailSat owned a majority stake in the satellite and launch.[5]


Es'hail 1[edit]

Es'hail 1, the first operational satellite in Es'hailSat's fleet, provides services for companies including BeIN Sports and Al Jazeera,[6] who utilized the satellite's bandwidth for broadcasting HD TV.[7] The satellite launched aboard Arianespace's Ariane 5 rocket in late 2014 and serves at the 25.5 degree East longitude.[8][9]

Es'hail 2[edit]

Besides Es'hail 1, the company has a second satellite, Es'hail 2, which launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on November 15, 2018.[10][11] Es'hail 2 was built by Japan's Mitsubishi Electric company, and operates at 26° East longitude along a geostationary orbit to provide direct-to-home television services in the Middle East and North Africa region.[12]


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