Es teler

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Es teler
Es Teller 77.jpg
A bowl of es teler
Course Dessert
Place of origin Sukoharjo, Indonesia
Region or state Nationwide
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredients Shaved ice, coconut, avocado, jackfruit, condensed milk
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Es teler is a fruit cocktail in Indonesia. Avocado, coconut meat, cincau, jackfruit and other fruits are served with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, Pandanus amaryllifolius leaf (normally in the form of cocopandan syrup), sugar, and a tiny amount of salt.


Es teler is an authentic drink from Central Java, Indonesia. The origin or history of Sukoharjo District. In 1957, this drink came from Hj.Samijem Darmo Putro (Ibunda Tukiman Darmowijono), a resident of Juron village, Nguter district, Sukoharjo district, Central Java.

Hj. Samijem and Tukiman were the first to find it. "It was originally I who found the concoction of ice stoned. After that, ice stamped everywhere. I deliberately did not patent it, "he said.

For the sake of sustaining life, Darmo Putro family migrated to Jakarta as a hawkers trader in Menteng area, Central Jakarta. Feeling the result of trading less fruit to meet the daily needs, family Darmo Putro (Tukiman Darmowijono) then took the initiative to sell fruit ice. Over time, they innovate by mixing fruit jackfruit, coconut, avocado, syrup, and milk. Unexpectedly, many people who like the mixture of various fruits.

The name is taken from the phrase of a customer who says "ice made a jazzy". From the phrase it was considered a fresher icing as the name of this delicious beverage.

Capitalize courage, daring, and a little money, family darmo putro and then open a food stall in Cikini area, Central Jakarta in the metropol Megaria. The restaurant is named Es Teler Sari Mulia Asli. In this dining house, also provides Fried Chicken, Meatballs, Siomay, and various drinks. And family business Darmo Putro develop until now.

Until now he has 7 branches that have been built. Unmitigated customers are also many of the famous artists and politicians, such as Rieke Dyah Pitaloka, Jarwo Kwat, Puan Maharani, Faisal Basri, Gatot Amrih who is also former Regent Sukoharjo, and not to miss a number of relatives and Family Cendana (family of former President Soeharto). He has also been invited Ebeth Kadarusman who also became one of his loyal customers es telernya, to follow the broadcast on television in 1993.

Do not want to be forgotten with the hometown, Family Darmo Putro also opened a restaurant in Sukoharjo, on Jl. Raya Veteran No.30. As a culinary destination, in 2005 Es Teler officially made a special drink Sukoharjo by Bambang Riyanto Regent Sukoharjo who served at that time 2005.[1]

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