Esa Maldita Costilla

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Esa Maldita Costilla
Directed by Juan José Jusid
Produced by Susana Giménez
Written by Marcos Carnevale and
Antonio Barrio
Starring Susana Giménez
Betiana Blum
Rossy de Palma
Loles León
Luis Brandoni
Music by Leo Sujatovich and Claudio M. Waisgluss
Cinematography Alfredo F. Mayo
Edited by Geoffrey Rowland
Distributed by ALMA ATA International Pictures, S.L., Argentina SONO-FILM SACI, Galiardo P.C., S.A.
Release date
  • 12 August 1999 (1999-08-12)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Esa Maldita Costilla (Spanish for: That Damned Rib) is a 1999 comedy film starring some of the most famous actresses of Argentina and Spain: Susana Giménez, Betiana Blum, Rossy de Palma and Loles León.


Lila (León) (an astrologer), Margarita (de Palma) (a literature teacher), Rosa (Blum) (an erotic-line telephonist) and Azucena (Giménez) (faithful wife recently divorced) -note that all of the women have names which are also the same ones of different type of flowers- live in the same apartment building. One night, they decide to go together to have fun in a show of male striptease. Juan (Luis Brandoni), the taxi driver who brings them to the club, pays attention to the conversation of the women who from one to one counts each other their ideal of a man. Since then, Juan characterized as the ideal of the individual man of the women, is dedicated to conquer one to one under different personalities. The trap is soon discovered. The four ladies will come to an agreement: to share her ideal man of reason to spend one week each with him.


  • Susana Giménez...Azucena
  • Luis Brandoni...Juan / Arnold / Salvatore / David / Guillermo
  • Rossy de Palma...Margarita
  • Loles León...Lila
  • Bettiana Blum...Rosa
  • Rodolfo Ranni...Carlos
  • Fabián Gianola...Tito
  • Guillermo Nimo...Himself
  • Débora Astrosky ... Flora
  • Nicole Neumann...Stunning young lady
  • Nahuel Mutti...Kissing boy
  • Catarina Spinetta...Kissing girl
  • Guillermo Francella...Taxi driver 2
  • Gonzalo Urtizberea...Efraim
  • Gabriel Correa...Waiter 2
  • Gladys Florimonti...Sadomasochist telephonist
  • Silvia Geijo...Luxurious telephonist
  • Roly Serrano...Julio
  • Pía Uribelarrea...Hot Line Boss
  • Ernesto Arias...Man at the College
  • Fabio Aste...Man at the Toilette
  • Claudio Chiaffone...Waiter 3
  • Graciela Cravino...Lady at the College
  • Ágatha Fresco...School-girl telephonist
  • José Luis Galiardo...Genesis voice
  • Diego Gentile...Teenager watcher 1
  • Mariano Gundín...Teenager watcher 2
  • Victoria Manno...Lady at Restaurant 1
  • Luis Mazzeo...Bomberman
  • Conrado Morales...Boy stripper 1
  • Jorge Noya...Policeman
  • Miguel Ángel Paludi...Man at Restaurant 1
  • Martín Crha...Boy stripper 2
  • Carolina Vespa...Lady at Restaurant 2
  • Francisco Washington...Waiter 4
  • Damián Campaña...Magician Gauman


  • Guillermo Nimo, a famous and controversial football referee acts as himself.
  • Guillermo Francella makes a cameo in the last scene of the movie.
  • As told it before, every woman has a name of a flower, Lila (Lilium), Margarita (Margareth), Azucena (another kind of lilium) and Rosa (Rose).
  • The film was made after the scandalous divorce of Argentine diva Susana Giménez. Rumours says that she made the film to describe in the script what really happened.

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