Escape Goat

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Escape Goat
Escape Goat Coverart.png
Cover art of Escape Goat
EngineMicrosoft XNA
ReleaseXbox 360
  • WW: November 2, 2011
Microsoft Windows
  • WW: June 14, 2012
Linux, OS X
  • WW: July 27, 2013

Escape Goat is a puzzle video game developed and published by independent developer MagicalTimeBean, for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux.


Rock, Paper, Shotgun reviewer John Walker recommended the game saying that it was short but enjoyable.[1] GamesRadar's Lucas Sullivan also recommended the game: "With the ability to tackle levels at your own pace, and some masterfully-tuned difficulty, we can guarantee that you’ve never played a better goat-centric game."[2]


A sequel to the game titled Escape Goat 2 was announced in January 2013 and released on March 24, 2014.[3] The game features a new art style, new puzzles, and new magical hats which grant the player character various powers.[3] Escape Goat 2 was published and promoted by Double Fine Productions' publishing label Double Fine Presents.


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