Escape from Monsta Island!

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Escape from Monsta Island!
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 18, 2003
GenreHip hop
LabelMetal Face, Rhymesayers Entertainment
King Geedorah
Monsta Island Czars chronology
. Escape from Monsta Island! .

Escape from Monsta Island! is a studio album released by the Monsta Island Czars, a collective notably featuring MF Doom under his King Geedorah alias. Although the Monsta Island Czars was founded by MF Grimm, he is absent on the entire album due to his incarceration at the time of its production and release.


# Title Performer (s) Producer(s) Length
1 What's the Name of This Place? X-Ray 1:03
2 M.I.N.Y.A Kamackeris, Rodan, Kong, & Megalon X-Ray 4:13
3 F@#K Y'all N!@@#'s Kamackeris & Megalon X-Ray 2:29
4 WitchCraft Rodan, Megalon, Kong, Kamackeris, Spiega, & King Caesar X-Ray 4:28
5 1,2... 1,2 Kong, Megalon, & Rodan King Geedorah 3:29
6 Scientific Civilization (skit) King Geedorah 0:58
7 MIC Line King Geedorah King Geedorah 3:13
8 Poizon Windz Megalon, Rodan, & Gigan X-Ray 3:56
9 Under Pressure Spiega, Megalon, Rodan, & Kong X-Ray 3:57
10 Became A Monsta Spiega X-Ray 3:31
11 There's A Legend (skit) X-Ray 0:39
12 Out My Mind King Caesar, Kamackeris, & Megalon X-Ray 3:05
13 Warning Kong X-Ray 2:59
14 Make It Squash Kong, Megalon, King Caesar, & Rodan King Geedorah 3:39
15 Gunz 'n' Swordz Gigan & Megalon X-Ray 2:08
16 Sumthin' to Prove Rodan X-Ray 4:31
17 Live Son Of A Bitch (skit) X-Ray 0:37
18 Comin' at You Megalon, Rodan, Kamackeris, & Kong King Geedorah 4:00
19 Take Control Kamackeris X-Ray 2:16
20 Escape From Monsta Isle Rodan, Megalon, Kong, & Spiega King Geedorah 3:26