Escape to Burma

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Escape to Burma
Directed byAllan Dwan
Produced byBenedict Bogeaus
Written byTalbot Jennings and Hobart Donovan
StarringBarbara Stanwyck
Robert Ryan
David Farrar
Music byLouis Forbes
CinematographyJohn Alton
Edited byJames Leicester
Distributed byRKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • April 9, 1955 (1955-04-09) (US)[1]
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited States

Escape to Burma is a 1955 Technicolor adventure film directed by Allan Dwan starring Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Ryan and David Farrar. The film was based on the short story Bow Tamely to Me by Kenneth Taylor Perkins.


In British Burma the son of the Sawbwa, a local ruler has been killed, apparently by his European mining partner, Jim Brecan. The Sawbwa wants him caught and executed, while Captain Cardigan wants him caught for trial. Brecan flees through the jungle with a bag of rubies from the mine and reaches the estate of Gwen Moore, who uses elephants to harvest teak. Brecan arrives there calling himself "Jim Martin". He and Gwen are attracted to each other. After he helps her deal with some problems, including a killer tiger, she makes him her manager.

Cardigan arrives at the estate and Brecan flees when he realizes who Cardigan is. Gwen follows them, preventing Brecan from killing Cardigan, which allows Cardigan to capture Brecan. He starts to take them back to Rangoon. However, when they stop for the night, they are attacked by Kaw bandits, which allows Brecan to escape. Weather soon forces all three to spend another night together in an abandoned Buddhist temple. Brecan and Gwen make it back to her estate, where the local police attack. After Gwen is wounded, Brecan surrenders. He is taken to Rangoon for punishment.

A boy who was the dead prince's servant shows up with a letter from the prince to the Sawbwa. The Sawbwa condemns Brecan to death; he is taken out for a pre-execution flogging. Gwen and Cardigan arrive and she convinces the Sawbwa to read the letter. The prince had the plague and, in his delirium, was about to expose a village to the disease, forcing Brecan to shoot him. The Sawbwa releases him. Brecan gives all the rubies to the Sawbwa, and it appears Brecan and Gwen will live happily ever after.


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