Esclaramunda of Foix

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Esclaraunda of Foix
Born 1255
Died 1315 (aged 59–60)
Spouse James II of Majorca
Issue James of Majorca
Sancha of Majorca, Queen of Naples
Philip of Majorca
Elizabeth, Princess of Villena
Ferdinand of Majorca
House Foix
Father Roger IV, Count of Foix

Esclaramunda of Foix (1255–1315) was Queen consort of Majorca. She was married to James II of Majorca, and she was responsible for tutoring her grandson James III of Majorca. She was protector of the Order of Mercy. Her feast is on 22 October.

She was daughter of Roger IV of Foix.

Marriage and issue[edit]

In 1275, Esclaramunda married James II of Majorca, with whom she had six children:

She survived her husband by only five years, and died in Perpignan.