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Origin New York, United States
Genres Nu-disco, post-disco, disco house, funktronica, alternative dance[1]
Labels Tirk, self published
Members Dan Balis
Eugene Cho
Adeline Michele
[Among others]

Escort is a contemporary disco band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Dan Balis and Eugene Cho and including front-woman Adeline Michèle, they are known for their modern and live dance music sound. Their live performances feature a 17 piece line-up.[2][3]

Founders Dan Balis and Eugene Cho met at Vassar College and started making house singles in the early 2000s.[2] Escort started as a studio project for the duo who, "wanted to make records in the spirit of the old ones we were sampling." [2]

Despite being a self-proclaimed disco band they "are very careful to make music that doesn't just sound and feel old, but is actually relevant for DJs and listeners today." [3] Their first single "Starlight" was a critical success,[4][5][6] which led to the band being invited to make their live debut at the P.S.1 Warm Up series.[2][7] A flash mob of 300 dancers coordinated a group dance to Escort's remix of Feist's "I Feel It All" in the Eaton Center in Toronto for International Dance Day.[2] Escort's "Starlight" was featured in DSW's (Designer Shoe Warehouse) fall 2013 commercial, "Savvy Shoe Lovers." [8]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Time Out New York listed Escort as one of the top live shows of 2007.[9]
  • The video for "All Through The Night" was named as one of the top 50 videos of the 2000s by Pitchfork .[10][11]
  • The album Escort was listed at #40 on Rolling Stone's list of the top 50 albums of 2012, saying "Up-all-night civic pride rarely sounds so fun." [12]



  • Escort (2011, Escort Records)
  • Animal Nature (2015, Escort Records)


  • Escort Remixed (2012, Escort Records)


  • "Starlight" (2006, Escort Records)
  • "Love in Indigo"/"Karawane" (2006, Escort Records)
  • "A Bright New Life"/"All That She Is" (2007, Escort Records)
  • "All Through the Night" (2007, Escort Records)
  • "Cocaine Blues" (2010, Escort Records)
  • "Caméleon Chameleon" (2011, Escort Records)
  • "Barbarians" (2013, Escort Records)
  • "Cabaret" (2013, Escort Records)
  • "If You Say So"/"Actor Out of Work" (2014, Escort Records)
  • "Animal Nature" (2015, Escort Records)
  • "Body Talk" (2015, Escort Records)


  • "Seaside Weekend", Antena (2007, Permanent Vacation)
  • "French Girl", Turbo Crystal (2007, Tiny Sticks)
  • "Sapphire", Zombi (2007, Throne of Blood)
  • "It's All True" Tracey Thorn (2007, Virgin Records)
  • "Forever" Walter Meego (2008, Almost Gold)
  • "I Feel It All", Feist (2008, Cherrytree/Interscope)
  • "Hollywood", RAC featuring Penguin Prison (2012, Green Label Sound)
  • "Satellite", Little Boots (2013, On Repeat)


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