Escudella i carn d'olla

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Escudella i carn d'olla
Alternative names Escudella
Type Soup or stew
Place of origin Spain
Region or state Catalonia
Main ingredients Pilota (large spiced meatball), vegetables
Variations Escudella de pagès
Two pilotes used for a preparation of a big escudella, with a black botifarra

Escudella i carn d'olla, or shorter escudella, (Eastern Catalan: [əskuˈðeʎə]) is a traditional Catalan soup and stew. Francesc Eiximenis wrote in the 14th century that it was eaten every day by Catalan people.[1]

It is characterized by the use of a pilota, a very big meatball spiced with garlic and parsley; it also contains vegetables as celery, cabbage, carrots, etc. depending on the season. Additionally, bones, sausages called botifarras, and other types of meat, can be used. In historical times a type called escudella de pagès, which had pasta and rice, was traditionally made on Thursdays and Sundays.


Escudella is typically served in two parts:

  • The escudella proper is a soup consisting of a broth with pasta, rice or both.
  • The carn d'olla is all the meat used in the broth, served afterwards in a tray along with the vegetables used.

When both parts are served mixed together, it is called escudella barrejada.

Escudella de Nadal[edit]

There is a particular version of this soup that can be called "escudella de Nadal" (Christmas soup) or either "sopa de galets" (galets' soup) and it is very typical on Christmas Day.[1] It includes meat from four different animals, a pilota, several vegetables and the traditional special type of pasta known as galets, which are snail-shaped and notable for their considerable size.

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