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Esdras Minville (November 7, 1896 in Grande-Vallée – December 9, 1975) was a Quebec writer, economist and sociologist. He served as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Université de Montréal, and was the first French-Canadian to serve as head of HEC Montréal. A staunch defender of Catholic social doctrine, Minville helped to found several co-operatives in the province.

He contributed to the Rowell-Sirois Commission, and chaired the Montreal Chamber of Commerce in 1947. His nationalist ideas resembled those of Victor Barbeau, François-Albert Angers and Lionel Groulx.

Published works[edit]

  • Invitation à l'étude, 1943
  • L'agriculture, 1943
  • Montréal économique, 1943
  • La forêt, 1944
  • L'homme d'affaires, 1944
  • Le citoyen canadien-français, 1946
  • Pêche et chasse, 1946
  • Les affaires: l'homme, les carrières, 1965


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