Church of Santa Coloma d'Andorra

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Església de Santa Coloma d'Andorra

The Church of Santa Coloma d'Andorra is a church located in Santa Coloma, Andorra la Vella Parish, Andorra, and is Andorra's oldest church.[1] It is a heritage property registered in the Cultural Heritage of Andorra. The nave of the church was built in the 8th or 9th century, and the tower in the 12th century. In the church are visible remnants of murals made in the 12th century by the Master of Sant Coloma. Most of the murals were removed in 1933 and until 2007 were located in Berlin. Now these murals are located in the Andorran Government Exhibition Hall.


Coordinates: 42°29′39″N 1°29′51″E / 42.4942°N 1.4976°E / 42.4942; 1.4976