Esiliiga B

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Esiliiga B
Country Estonia
Confederation UEFA
Founded 2013
Divisions Esiliiga B
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Esiliiga
Relegation to II liiga
Domestic cup(s) Estonian Cup
Current champions Starbunker Maardu
Most championships Nõmme Kalju II
Infonet II Tallinn
Starbunker Maardu
(1 title)
Website Esiliiga B
2016 Esiliiga B

Esiliiga B is the third division of the Estonian Football Association annual football championship. The league was founded in 2013. As of 2016 it is not fully professional.[1]


The league consists of 10 clubs, all teams play each other four times. Both the winning team and the runners-up are promoted to Esiliiga directly, whereas the third place club will participate in a two-legged play-off with the 8th place club of the Esiliiga for the spot in next year's competition. Same way the 2 bottom placed teams are relegated to II Liiga. The third bottom team can avoid relegation by winning a two-leg play-off against the II Liiga play-off round winners.[2][3]


Current clubs[edit]

The following clubs are competing in Esiliiga B during the 2016 season.

Club 2015 Seasons in
Esiliiga B
Current run
Titles Last title
Elvaa, b 4th 4 2013 0 N/A
Flora U19 Tallinna, b, c 10th 4 2013 0 N/A
Joker Raasikua, b 5th 2 2015 0 N/A
Kuressaarea 10th, (Esiliiga) 1 2016 0 N/A
Sillamäe Kalev IIa, b 3rd 4 2013 0 N/A
Tallinna Kalev IIa, b, c 6th 2 2015 0 N/A
Tammeka U21 Tartua, b 3rd, (II liiga N/E) 1 2016 0 N/A
Tulevik II Viljandia, b, c 3rd, (II liiga S/W) 1 2016 0 N/A
Viimsia, b 7th 4 2013 0 N/A
Welco Tartua, b 2nd, (II liiga N/E) 1 2016 0 N/A

a – never been relegated from Esiliiga B
b – never played in Esiliiga
c – ineligible for promotion to Esiliiga


Season Champions Runners-up Third place Leading goalscorers
2013 Nõmme Kalju II Pärnu Linnameeskond Sillamäe Kalev II Estonia Jürgen Kuresoo (Elva, 33 goals)
2014 Infonet II Tallinn Santos Tartu Emmaste Ukraine Yuriy Vereshchak (Santos Tartu, 43 goals)
2015 Starbunker Maardu Järve Kohtla-Järve Sillamäe Kalev II Ukraine Klimentiy Boldyrev (Starbunker Maardu, 25 goals)

Performance by club[edit]

Club 1st, gold medalist(s) 2nd, silver medalist(s) 3rd, bronze medalist(s) Winning seasons
Nõmme Kalju II 1 0 0 2013
Infonet II Tallinn 1 0 0 2014
Starbunker Maardu 1 0 0 2015
Pärnu Linnameeskond 0 1 0
Santos Tartu 0 1 0
Järve Kohtla-Järve 0 1 0
Sillamäe Kalev II 0 0 2
Emmaste 0 0 1


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