Esk Highway

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Esk Highway
General information
Type Highway
Length 65 km (40 mi)
Route number(s) A4
route number
State Route 4[1]
Major junctions
West end Midland Highway,
Conara, Tasmania
  • Storys Creek Road
  • Royal Georges Road
  • Mathinna Road
  • Elephant Pass Road
East end Tasman Highway,
Falmouth, Tasmania
Major settlements Avoca, Fingal, St Marys
Highway system

The Esk Highway (route number A4) is a highway in Tasmania, Australia. It connects the Midland Highway, located down the centre of the state, with the Tasman Highway, which is located on the east coast of the state.

Its western end joins the Midlands Highway at Conara Junction, just north of Campbell Town. Its eastern end passes through St Marys and then deviates to a north-east direction, where it connections to the Tasman Highway. Another road, which follows a path south-east of St Marys, joins another part of the Tasman Highway at Chain of Lagoons - although this is also marked as route A4, it is named Elephant Pass Road and is not part of the Esk Highway.

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