Eskasoni First Nation

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The Eskasoni First Nation is a band government of the Mi'kmaq located in Nova Scotia, Canada. As of 2012, the Mi'kmaq population is 3,490 on-Reserve, and 592 off-Reserve.[1] It is the most populous band government in Nova Scotia and has its own community radio station, CICU-FM, broadcasting at 94.1 MHz. The Eskasoni First Nation is the home of the Unama'ki Institute of Natural Resources, a Mi'kmaq organization devoted to natural resources and the environment.


Eskasoni First Nation is composed of three parts as shown:

Community Area Location Population Date established
Eskasoni 3 3,504.6 hectares (8,660 acres) 40 km. southwest of Sydney 3,309 July 1, 1832
Eskasoni 3A 28.5 hectares (70 acres) 40 km. southwest of Sydney 0 July 20, 1948
Malagawatch 4 (1/5 share) 661.3 hectares (1,634 acres) 62 km. southwest of Sydney 0 August 2, 1833


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