Eslam Jawaad

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Eslam Jawaad
Origin Lebanon/Syria
Genres Hip hop, political hip hop, Arabic hip hop, trip hop

Wissam Khodur (Arabic: وسام خضر‎‎), better known as Eslam Jawaad (Arabic: اسلام جواد‎‎), is a rapper of Lebanese-Syrian origin. His debut album, The Mammoth Tusk, was released in 2009. The album was considered an international advancement for local Arabic hip-hop as it featured support from a number of high profile acts including Damon Albarn (Gorillaz/Blur), De La Soul, The Rza / Gza / Cilvaringz (Wu-Tang Clan), Focus... (Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment), Rude Jude / Lord Sear (Shade 45), and 'Arap' band-mate Shadia Mansour.

As well as his English language efforts, Eslam was the first Arabic Hip-Hop artist to create and record tracks in classical Arabic known as 'foos-hha' and hence is recognized as the father of the style he coined as "Foos-Hop".


Jawaad's presence within the music industry is spread out across both the MENA region and Internationally. In addition to his own "The Mammoth Tusk", He appears often as a guest Artist on numerous international releases, and is seen contributing behind the scenes to the execution of major projects, events or albums.

In addition to his Solo-Career, Jawaad pledges allegiance to an Arab Hip-Hop Collective known as 'Arap', which consists of - in addition to himself- Mohalim, Cilvaringz, Ledr P, Shadia Mansour, The Narcicyst, DJ Vanz and DJ Lady S. Associated acts include Malikah, DJ Lethal Skillz, RGB, L'Hamorabi, Rasta Pharaoh, and Miskeena. Salah Edin, who founded the group with Eslam and Cilvaringz, left the group in 2009.

His first international tour was with Wu-Tang Killa Beez, as he was brought into that fold by his longtime associate, partner and manager Cilvaringz. It was this that led to his collaboration with Rza and Gza on his album song 'So Real' ft. Shadia Mansour. His most recent endeavor with Wu-Tang being his Co-Executive Producer credits on the single-copy and art piece, Wu-Tang Clan album "Once Upon A Time in Shaolin". In addition to this, Eslam featured on Cilvaringz Album, "I".

Jawaad is also considered a peripheral member of the collectives known as "The Gorillaz", "The Good The Bad and The Queen" [Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz), Simon Tong (The Verve), Tony Allen (Fela Kuti), Paul Simonon (The Clash)], and "Afrika Express" through his relationship with Damon Albarn, who involved him in the aforementioned in one capacity or the other.

Furthermore, he is also considered a member of Fun-Da-Mental, through his longtime friendship with former "The Cult" Drummer Aki Nawaz.

He has also recorded with industry veterans such as UK Apache and Asian Dub Foundation, as well as numerous other artists.

Personal life[edit]

Jawaad is father of three children and currently resides in Dubai. Ever involved in the business side of the industry, and in the promotion of local talent, Jawaad has been active as a booking agent, a tour manager and as an executive producer. Jawaad is currently Executive Director at Global Gumbo Group, a company founded by international music icon Quincy Jones.




His song "Pivot Widdit" was used in the Dubai film City of Life, and "Siasa" in Hollywood blockbuster Rendition.[2]


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