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Kenn Sakurai a.k.a. esm-artificial is a Canadian street artist and graphic designer.

wall of postcards by esm-artificial


Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Sakurai graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in 1999. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions internationally.


itchy worms, 2012
i just fucken love you, 2010
esm-artificial stickers in tokyo, 2006.
esm-artificial stickers in tokyo, 2006.

Sakurai mass-produces screen printings on the topic of American and popular world culture. Specific subjects often include supermodels, cars, rock stars, song lyrics, and television personalities. Sakurai's work also often addressed commodification and consumerism. His design work is less text-based than his serigraphs and paintings and can be seen in many movies.[citation needed]

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