Esmail Momtaz od-Dowleh

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Esmail Momtaz od-Doleh
Ismail mumtaz sm.jpg
Momtaz od-Doleh at age 25
Native name میرزا اسماعیل خان ممتازالدوله
Born 1880
Died 1933 (aged 53)
Nationality  Iran
Other names Esmail Momtaz
  • Parliamentarians of the First Majles
  • Minister of Culture
  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Justice
Notable work writer of the Persian Constitution of 1906
Political party Moderate Socialists Party[1]
Relatives Samad Khan Momtaz os-Saltaneh

Esmail Momtaz od-Doleh was a notable Iranian statesman of the early twentieth century. Born in Tabriz in 1880 of Iranian Azerbaijani descent, he was one of the original Parliamentarians of the First Majles in 1906. He was also its fourth Speaker.

Momtaz od-Doleh was also Minister of Culture, Minister of Finance, Minister of Education and Minister of Justice. He was the actual writer of the Persian Constitution of 1906, being fluent in French and able to copy extracts lifted from the Belgian constitution.

Momtaz died in 1933 at the age of 53 of coronary heart disease.

Momtaz od-Doleh, Minister of Iran


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  • Parvin Merat
  • Mark Merat

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