Espíritu Santo River

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Espíritu Santo
San Matéo River and Espíritu Santo River (upper right) in Villa Tunari just before their confluence in the east of the town
RegionCochabamba Department
MunicipalityChapare Province
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location
Villa Tunari
 ⁃ coordinates
16°58′S 65°24′W / 16.967°S 65.400°W / -16.967; -65.400Coordinates: 16°58′S 65°24′W / 16.967°S 65.400°W / -16.967; -65.400
 ⁃ elevation
289 m (948 ft)
Basin features
 ⁃ leftJuntas de Corani

The Espíritu Santo River is a Bolivian river in the Cochabamba Department, Chapare Province, Villa Tunari Municipality.[1] It belongs to the Amazon River watershed. Espíritu Santo River originates in the Callejas mountains south west of Villa Tunari. At first it flows in a northeasterly direction, then it turns to the east towards Villa Tunari. In the east of the town it meets San Matéo River which comes from the south west. From the confluence the river is known as Chapare River.

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