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Ruten Fjellstue in Espedalen Valley
Espedalen Mountain Church

Espedalen is a valley in the Sør-Fron and Gausdal municipalities of Oppland County, Norway. It is a continuation of the valley of Vestre Gausdal.

Historically, mining was important in Espedalen with copper mining dating to the 1600s. Nickel mining was introduced in the 1880s. At the north end of Lake Espedalsvatnet, just north of Vestre Gausdal, are the remains of smelting and mining settlement from that time.

Espedalen Mountain Church (Espedalen fjellkirke) was built in 1974. Constructed of wood. it seats 103. The design was by the architect, Bjarne Bystad Ellefsen.[1][2] Peer Gynt Road (Peer Gyntveien) is a 60 kilometres (37 mi) long private tourist road that runs from Svingvoll in Gausdal to Ruten in Espedalen.[3]


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