Espejo Canton

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Espejo Canton
Flag of Espejo Canton
Location of Carchi Province in Ecuador.
Location of Carchi Province in Ecuador.
Cantons of Carchi Province
Cantons of Carchi Province
Coordinates: 0°37′16″N 77°56′24″W / 0.621°N 77.940°W / 0.621; -77.940
Country Ecuador
ProvinceBandera Provincia Carchi.svg Carchi
 • Total13,364
Time zoneUTC-5 (ECT)

Espejo is a canton of Ecuador, located in Carchi Province. Its capital is the town of El Ángel. Its population in the 2001 census was 13,515 and in the 2010 census was 13,364.[1] Espejo is in the Andes and El Angel has an elevation of 3,010 metres (9,880 ft) above sea level.[2]

The canton capital of El Ángel.

Espejo canton contains the parishes of El Ángel (Anhil), El Goaltal, La Libertad (Alizo), and San Isidro.


Ethnic groups as of the Ecuadorian census of 2010:[3]


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