Espejos del Alma

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Espejos del Alma
Studio album by Yuri
Released 1995 (1995)
Recorded 1995
Genre Pop
Label Sony International
Yuri chronology
Espejos del Alma
Más Fuerte que la Vida
(1996)Más Fuerte que la Vida1996

Espejos del Alma is the 15th studio album by Mexican pop singer Yuri. It was released in 1995.She earned a Gold disc.[1].


When she began to record this project she was diagnosed with cancer in her vocal cords, but it was treated and healed. At the same time she declared that promiscuity was a principal part of her sexual life and alcohol. Due to this, she had a breakdown and tried to kill herself; she looked for help in the Evangelicalism religion [2].

The song "Ni una lágrima" is a Spanish version of the song "Possiamo realizzare I nostri sogni", originally from the Italian singer Lighea (Tania Montelpare).


She got a Gold disc in spite of the low reception it received. Due to the conversion to Evangelicalism, the record label didn't provide enough promotion and the album was a low average success Yuri.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Ojos que no ven" Rudy Pérez Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 3:47
2. "De qué te vale fingir" Manuel Pacho, Rosa Salcedo Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 4:42
3. "Qué sabes tu del amor (Meaning of love)" Barlow, Adap. Alex Zepeda Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 4:25
4. "Ni una lágrima (Possiamo realizzare I nostri sogni)" G. Galgani, T. Montelpare Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 3:45
5. "Estoy enamorada" Carlos Murguía Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 4:58
6. "Engáñame" Rudy Pérez Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 4:37
7. "Mueve tu cuerpo" Francesco Tradardi Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 3:52
8. "De amante a señora" Manuel Pacho, Rosa Salcedo Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 3:25
9. "La última en saberlo (The Last to Know)" B. Nalsh, P. Galdstone, Adap. Rudy Pérez Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 4:35
10. "Qué me va a pasar (I can't keep my hands of you) [3]" Kid Coco, Adap. Alex Zepeda Alex Zepeda, Carlos Murguía 4:22


  • Executive producer: Fernando Figueroa
  • Director: Alex Zepeda
  • Musical arrangements: Alex Zepeda and Carlos Murguía
  • Musicians: Michael Landau, José Hernández, Carlos Murguía, Alex Zepeda, Nando Hernández, John Harrison, Peter Strawvack, Leo Carrot
  • Backing vocals: Mariana Rivera, Renata Rivera, Alfredo Calderón, Carlos Murguía, Alex Zepeda
  • Recorded in: AZTECH Lab. Estudios, Westlake Audio, L.A., Ca.
  • Mix engineer: Chris Brooke and Tony Meado
  • Mastering: Bernie Grundman Mstering by Chris Brooke
  • Art direction: Rocio Larrazolo
  • Graphic design: Alicia V. Sodi and César Saldaña
  • Photography: Carlos Somonte
  • Make up: Eduardo Arias and Eduardo Gasset


  • De Que Te Vale Fingir
  • Que Tú Sabes Del Amor
  • Engáñame
  • Mueve Tu Cuerpo
  • De Amante Señora