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Espionage is a subset of human intelligence, one of many intelligence collection methods, which are organized by intelligence collection management.

This lists is restricted to organizations that operate clandestine human sources in foreign countries and non-national groups. It does not include police organizations with domestic informers, or, on an international basis, human sources that do counterintelligence work alone.

Country Espionage organizations and agencies
 Argentina Secretariat of Intelligence, National Directorate of Criminal Intelligence, National Directorate of Strategic Military Intelligence
 Australia Australian Secret Intelligence Service
 Cuba General Intelligence Directorate (DGI)
 Czech Republic Security Information Service
 France General Directorate of External Security, Central Directorate of General Intelligence,
 Germany Federal Intelligence Service
 India Research and Analysis Wing, Intelligence Bureau
 Iran Ministry of Intelligence (Iran)
 Israel Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations
 Italy Democratic Intelligence and Security Service, Military Intelligence and Security Service
 Mexico National Security and Investigation Center
 Pakistan Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence
 Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service
 New Zealand New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
 Russia Federal Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Main Intelligence Directorate
 South Africa National Intelligence Agency, South African Secret Service, South African National Defence Force Intelligence Division
 Spain National Intelligence Centre
 United Kingdom Secret Intelligence Service
 United States Central Intelligence Agency National Clandestine Service