Esplanade Park

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Esplanade Park
Esplanade Park, Oct 06.JPG
Esplanade Park, Singapore. The pedestrian promenade on the left is Queen Elizabeth Walk. The plaque on the right, erected by the National Heritage Board, marks the former Indian National Army Monument site.
Esplanade Park is located in Singapore
Esplanade Park
Type City and heritage park
Location Esplanade, Singapore
Coordinates 1°17′23.65″N 103°51′13.32″E / 1.2899028°N 103.8537000°E / 1.2899028; 103.8537000Coordinates: 1°17′23.65″N 103°51′13.32″E / 1.2899028°N 103.8537000°E / 1.2899028; 103.8537000
Area 2.4 hectares (24,000 m2)
Created 1943
Operated by National Parks Board
Status Opened
Website Esplanade Park

The Esplanade Park (Chinese: 海滨公园) is a historic park located at the Esplanade within the Downtown Core of the Central Area of Singapore.

Built in 1943, the Esplanade Park is one of the oldest in Singapore. The park was redeveloped in 1991. Many historical landmarks are located at the Esplanade Park, including Queen Elizabeth Walk, the former Indian National Army Monument site, The Cenotaph (completed in 1922), Tan Kim Seng Fountain (moved here in 1925 from Fullerton Square), and the Lim Bo Seng Memorial (which was unveiled in 1954).

The Esplanade Park is bounded by Connaught Drive, Stamford Road, Esplanade Drive and the mouth of the Singapore River.

Art and Culture[edit]

The Huayi Art Festival brings about renewed blessings to the Chinese community in Singapore. Aims to entertain, engage, educate and inspire through the arts.

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