Esporte Clube São Martinho

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São Martinho
Full name Esporte Clube São Martinho
Nickname(s) Leão do Sul ("Lion of South"),
Founded May 31, 1939
Ground Estádio J.R. do Amaral Lincoln,
President Pepinho

Esporte Clube São Martinho, is an amateur club of football, founded in 1939, based in Tatuí city, São Paulo. It is a club of local relevance, including the page consisting of Hall. His domestic policy comes to be accompanied by the release of the city. Dispute official amateur championships Paulista Football Federation.


The St. Martin, came up with the workers peeled the Textile Factory St. Martin in the late 30, that at the end of the workday, which was gathered the old woodsman from the factory. And thus came the Esporte Clube Camelo (Campbell Sports Club), which soon became known as Esporte Clube São Martinho.

The team soon came to rely on the kindness and sympathy of the tatuians people, such that in 1939, Dario Freire Meirelles, went on to become a benefactor of the club, with the donation of a field in the area of property Textile Factory Saint Martin.

Although its foundation was made on 31 May 1939, made the official opening at its headquarters in the Plaza San Martin, took place much later on 17 January 1942, when St. Martin, had won several titles.

In 2008 won the runner-up in the Amateur Championship Football (LITAFU), earning the right to participate in the Amateur Championship of the State of São Paulo.

Today, due to the fact only be active in the team master of the clubs tatuianos he only dispute the Master Cup Football Radio News, and the League's summer Saint Martin, with some exceptions, as in 2006 that the St. Martin, was runner-up Amateur Championship of the State of São Paulo's most important amateur category.


He won the nickname Lion of South in the mid-'40s, when he finished as third in the Amateur Championship of the State of São Paulo, and the only team left the southern part of the state, took the name of Lion, which was soon adopted as a pet.