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Esporte Interativo
Esporte Interativo (logo).png
LaunchedEsporte Interativo BR:
January 20, 2007
Esporte Interativo:
January 5, 2014
Esporte Interativo 2:
July 25, 2015
ClosedSeptember 25, 2018
Owned byTurner Broadcasting System Latin America
Picture format480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
SloganMovidos por sonhos
("Driven by dreams")
Broadcast areaBrazil
HeadquartersRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Formerly calledEsporte Interativo BR:
TV Esporte Interativo (2007-2014)
Esporte Interativo (2014-2017)
Esporte Interativo:
Esporte Interativo Nordeste (2014-2015)
EI Maxx (2015-2017)
Esporte Interativo 2:
Esporte Interativo Max (2015)
EI Maxx 2 (2015-2017)
Oi TVChannel 166 (EI BR HD)
Channel 169 (EI HD)
Channel 171 (EI 2 HD)
Vivo TVChannel 57 (EI SD)
Channel 58 (EI BR SD)
Claro TVChannel 76 (EI SD)
Channel 77 (EI 2 SD)
Channel 576 (EI HD)
Channel 577 (EI 2 HD)
Nossa TVChannel 33 (EI SD)
Channel 56 (EI 2 HD)
SKYChannel 202 (EI BR SD)
Channel 203 (EI SD)
Channel 603 (EI HD)
Channel 604 (EI 2 HD)
StarOne C1Frequency: 3991
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 4686
StarOne C2C Band: 4170
L Band: 960
Polarization: Vertical
NETChannel 576 (EI HD)
Channel 577 (EI 2 HD)
Vivo TVChannel 577 (EI BR HD)
Channel 578 (EI HD)
Channel 579 (EI 2 HD)
Streaming media
Esporte Interativo

Esporte Interativo (English: Interactive Sport), was a Brazilian television channel inaugurated on January 20, 2007 with the live broadcast of a Premier League match between Chelsea and Liverpool.


The plan of Esporte Interativo channel started in 2004, when its owner, TopSports established a partnership with RedeTV! to broadcast sports events like, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and NBA. In September 2004, after fights between TopSports and RedeTV! the partnership was broken. Esporte Interativo took their events to Rede Bandeirantes, in three years of partnership was broadcast events like, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, English Premier League and Lega Calcio.[1]

On January 20, 2007 the Esporte Interativo channel started to broadcast free-to-air on satellite Star One C2, on the frequency 980 MHz vertical, replacing Amazon Sat. On June 10, 2010 the Esporte Interativo channel started to broadcast in São Paulo, channel 36 UHF, and was created the Rede Esporte Interativo, to debut the network an interview with Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, was aired.[2] In 2011 the network renewed the broadcast rights for the UEFA Champions League,[3] and gained the broadcast rights for UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Europa League.[4] To celebrate the 5th birthday of the channel, was opened a new studio in São Paulo.[5] In July 2012, Esporte Interativo launched their new SVOD multiplatform product EI Plus in partnership with Log On, and in October, closed a partnership with Yahoo! Brasil and they launched a new sports website the Yahoo! Esporte Interativo.

In 2013 the Turner Broadcasting System acquired 20% of the network, becoming a business partner and occupying 2 of 7 members in the administration of the network.[6] In August was announced a new channel of the network, the Esporte Interativo Nordeste, a regional sports network dedicated for the sports from Brazilian northeast, and the acquisition of six state's championships of the region.[7]

On August 9, 2018, the channel was announced on Facebook they will be deactivating all of their TV channels in 40 days and moving all of their sports events to TNT and Space, now only focusing on their social media and pay-per-view services.[8]

Turner Broadcasting purchase all of Esporte Interativo[edit]

Turner Broadcasting Company, television arm of Time Warner, has just closed a total purchase of Esporte Interativo, acquiring the part that was owned by Top Sports, Edgar Diniz marketing agency.[9]

From the next day January 26, 2015, when the contract is signed, Turner will control the entire channel.

The programmer provides high investments and a new time in EI, particularly in the technical apparatus.







MMA, Kickboxing and Pro Wrestling[edit]







  • 2007–08: Agora, muito mais emoção! (Now, much more excitement!)
  • 2008, 2010: Aqui an emoção não para! (The excitement never stops!)
  • 2009: Sem limite para a sua emoção! (No limit for your excitement!)
  • 2009: Rio 2016, O Esporte Interativo apoia e você? (Rio 2016, The Esporte Interativo supports, and you?)
  • 2010–12: Esporte Interativo, paixão ao alcance de todos! (Esporte Interativo, passion within everyone's reach!)
  • 2012: Esporte Interativo, 5 anos torcendo junto com você. (Esporte Interativo, 5 years cheering along with you.)
  • 2013: Esporte Interativo, nordestino de coração! (Esporte Interativo, from northeast by heart!)
  • 2013 Copa do Nordeste: Esporte Interativo, o nordeste merece. (Esporte Interativo, the northeast deserves it.)
  • 2013–15: Esporte Interativo, emoção que o Brasil merece. (Esporte Interativo, the emotion Brasil deserves.)
  • 2015–17: Esporte Interativo, aqui é com emoção de verdade. (Esporte Interativo, here is with real emotion)
  • 2017–18: Esporte Interativo, movido por sonhos. (Esporte Interativo, moved by dreams)


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