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This article is about the municipality in Brazil. For the type of fizzy wine, see Sparkling wine.

Espumoso is a municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It belongs to the mesoregion "Nordeste Rio Grandense" and the microregion of "Cruz Alta" alongside with other 13 municipalities (Alto Alegre, Boa Vista do Cadeado, Boa Vista do Incra, Campos Borges, Cruz Alta, Fortaleza dos Valos, Ibirubá, Jacuizinho, Joia, Quinze de Novembro, Saldanha Marinho, Salto do Jacuí and Santa Bárbara do Sul. The estimated population in 2015 was 15,809 inhabitants, and its total area corresponds to 783.065 km².[1]

Since 2013, the municipality has been administered by the mayor Derly Helder (12.12.1944) from the Progressive Party (PP).[2] The municipal assembly members elected in 2012 for the period of 2013-2016 were João Roberto Rotta Vogel (PP), Altieris dos Santos (Democratic Labour Party - PDT), Jorge Ranzi (PDT), Leoberto Comin (PP), Sonia Maria Cambrussi Dolci (PP), Vagner Cassiano dos Santos (PDT), Luiz Marchese (PDT), Odil Diogo Missio (PP), and Jadir Jose de Oliveira (PP).[3] The municipal political scene has been occupied by two political parties along the recent history, PP and PDT, even though there have been other minor political forces in the city.

In October of 2016, Brazilian people will vote in order to choose them mayors and aldermen.[4] There are three candidates running for the mayor's chair of Espumoso. Derly Helder (PP), looking for his re-election, Douglas Fontana (PDT), and João Pedro Valandro Bertani (Brazilian Democratic Movement Party - PMDB).[5]

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Coordinates: 28°44′S 52°51′W / 28.733°S 52.850°W / -28.733; -52.850


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