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Esqueixada (Catalan pronunciation: [əskəˈʃaðə]) is a traditional Catalan dish, a salad of shredded salt cod, tomatoes, onions, olive oil and vinegar, salt, and sometimes a garnish of olives or hard-boiled eggs.[1][2] Specific recipes vary, with some including ingredients such as red or green bell peppers.[1][2][3] Esqueixada is particularly popular in warm weather and is sometimes considered a summertime dish.[1][2]

Esqueixada is sometimes described as the "Catalan ceviche" because it is made with raw fish (although the cod is salt-cured and dried) in a marinade.[1] The name of the dish comes from the Catalan verb esqueixar, to tear or shred.[1] The salt cod in the dish is always shredded with the fingers, never sliced or chopped, to achieve the correct texture.[1][2]

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