Essa Abdulla Al Basha Al Noaimi

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Essa Abdulla Al Basha Al Noaimi (Arabic: عيسى عبدالله الباشه النعيمي‎‎) is the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Born in 1956, Al Noaimi obtained his bachelor's degree in Geography and International Studies from United Arab Emirates University in 1980 as well as a master's degree in International Relations.

Diplomatic career[edit]

Al Noaimi joined the ministry of foreign affairs in 1981 and held the following positions:

Honors & Medals[edit]

Ambassador Al Noaimi received the "Order of 2 Niles" from the "first class" at the end of his diplomatic tenure in Sudan.

Attendance In Conferences & Meetings[edit]

Al Noaimi participated in numerous conferences and meetings at Arab, Regional and International levels, leading his country's delegation.