Essence of Emeril

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Essence of Emeril
GenreCooking show
Presented byEmeril Lagasse
Country of origin United States
Original languageEnglish
Original networkFood Network
Original release16 November 1994 (1994-11-16) –
1996, 2000-2007

Essence of Emeril (1994–96, 2000–2007) is a Food Network show hosted by chef Emeril Lagasse.

In each episode, Emeril shares with his viewers some of his 'kicked-up' recipes, similar to those on Emeril Live, but with a far calmer demeanor and quieter tone, and usually without the trademark apron that has become his Emeril Live uniform starting with the 2000 season. In addition, unlike Emeril Live, there is no studio audience.

On some of the episodes, some of Emeril's friends/workers make an appearance. An example was when he invited three of his workers from his Homebase in Louisiana to cook up some healthy recipes.

His "Essence of Emeril" set has a wine cabinet, a built-in deep fryer, and other appliances. When he cooks with a specific ingredient he explains what it is and how it is made.