Essendon District Football League

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Essendon District Football League
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2016
Edfl football logo.png
Sport Australian rules football
Founded 1930; 87 years ago (1930)
CEO Marc Turri
Country Australia
Most recent
Official website

The Essendon District Football League (EDFL) is an Australian rules football league based in the north-west suburbs of Melbourne, which was established in 1930.

The EDFL consists of 27 Senior Clubs, 10 clubs in Premier Division, 9 clubs in Division 1 and 8 clubs in Division 2. All 3 divisions have a Reserve side and an Under 18's side that align with the Senior matches.

On the 16th of March 2017, it was confirmed that the Ascot Vale Panthers would be joining the EDFL starting in 2017 with an Under 9's side; with the intention of fielding a Seniors side at a later date.

The League has also established an EDFL Umpires Association, EDFL Trainers Association and EDFL Auskick.

Current clubs[edit]

Premier Division: 10 clubs[edit]

Club Nickname Coach Web page Jumper
Aberfeldie Abers Adam Potter Official Site
Avondale Heights Heights Daniel Archer Official Site
Craigieburn Eagles Peter Bugden Official Site
Essendon Doutta Stars Stars Dean Wallis Official Site
Greenvale Jets Shannon Grant Official Site
Keilor Blues Mick McGuane Official Site
Maribyrnong Park Lions Robbie Castello Official Site
West Coburg Burgers Digby Morrell Official Site
Pascoe Vale Panthers Adam Contessa Official Site
Strathmore Mores Craig Clinnick Official Site

Division 1: 9 clubs[edit]

Club Nickname Coach Web page Jumper
Airport West Eagles Damian Cupido Official Site
East Keilor Cougars David Batistella Official Site
Glenroy Roys Lance Whitnall Official Site
Hadfield Hawks Robert Don Official Site
Hillside Sharks Steven Kolyniuk Official Site
Oak Park Kangaroos Ben Chapman Official Site
Taylors Lakes Lions Sam Tankard Official Site
Tullamarine Demons Ashley Manning Official Site
Westmeadows Tigers David Connell Official Site

Division 2: 8 clubs[edit]

Club Nickname Coach Web page Jumper
Burnside Heights Bears Raf Tarhan Official Site
Coburg Districts Lions Chris Tankard Official Site
East Sunbury Thunder Steve Grey Official Site
Jacana Jaguars Matthew Sacco Official Site
Keilor Park Devils Rob McClusky Official Site
Moonee Valley Valley Charlie Fenech Official Site
Northern Saints Saints David Foley Official Site
Roxburgh Park Magpies Paul Derrick Official Site


Year Premier Division Division 1 Division 2
2016 Keilor Craigieburn East Keilor
2015 Aberfeldie Essendon Doutta Hadfield
2014 Strathmore West Coburg East Keilor
2013 Greenvale Northern Saints Hillside
2012 Greenvale Airport West East Keilor
Year A Grade B Grade
2011 Strathmore Pascoe Vale
2010 Maribyrnong Park Taylors Lakes
2009 Maribyrnong Park Oak Park
2008 Keilor Glenroy
2007 Greenvale Maribyrnong Park
2006 Strathmore West Coburg
2005 Strathmore Craigieburn
2004 Greenvale Avondale Heights
2003 Oak Park Tullamarine
2002 Oak Park Greenvale
2001 Keilor Keilor Park
2000 Keilor West Coburg
1999 Doutta Stars Moonee Valley
1998 Strathmore Doutta Stars
1997 Keilor Glenroy
1996 Keilor West Coburg
1995 Keilor Aberfeldie
1994 East Keilor Moonee Valley
1993 Airport West Tullamarine
1992 Airport West East Keilor
1991 Doutta Stars West Coburg
1990 Doutta Stars Keilor Park
1989 Strathmore Hadfield
1988 Keilor Pascoe Vale
1987 Avondale Heights West Coburg
1986 Glenroy Moonee Valley
1985 Keilor Airport West
1984 Strathmore Westmeadows

Juniors matches[edit]

The juniors consist of: Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s and Under 16s. There are eight junior divisions at this level and each team listed in the senior section has at least one junior team in divisions 1, 2 or 3 for each age group, however many clubs have more in divisions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

AFL players[edit]

EDFL players who have gone on to play in the VFL/AFL

The following is an incomplete list of EDFL players who later played in the VFL or AFL:[citation needed]

VFL/AFL players who have played in the EDFL

The following is an incomplete list of VFL and AFL players who later played in the EDFL:[citation needed]


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