Essex Boys

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Essex Boys
DVD cover image
Directed by Terry Winsor
Produced by Jeff Pope
Written by Terry Winsor
Jeff Pope
Starring Sean Bean
Ross Morgan
Alex Kingston
Charlie Creed-Miles
Tom Wilkinson
Holly Davidson
Michael McKell
Music by Colin Towns
Cinematography John Daly
Edited by Edward Mansell
Distributed by Miramax Home Video and Pathe-UK
Release dates
14 July 2000
Running time
102 min
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Essex Boys is a 2000 British crime film. It was directed by Terry Winsor and stars Sean Bean, Alex Kingston, Tom Wilkinson, Charlie Creed-Miles and Holly Davidson.


The film is based loosely around events in December 1995 that culminated in the murders of two top drug barons and their driver in Rettendon, Essex, UK. On 6 December 1995, Patrick Tate, Craig Rolfe and Tony Tucker, three drug dealers well known to the police, were lured to Workhouse Lane in Rettendon on the pretext of a lucrative drug deal. There they were killed by shotgun blasts to the head while sitting in their Range Rover. The bodies were found the following morning.

Two men, Jack Whomes and Michael Steele, were convicted of the murders after police informer Darren Nicholls gave evidence against his former friends at their Old Bailey trial. They have always protested their innocence.



The film was shot on location around Essex. In particular Southend on Sea, Clacton and the Dartford Crossing, where the gang travels from Kent to Essex.[1]


The film met with generally negative critical reviews, maintaining a 17% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. The viewer ratings have generally been more positive

Similar films[edit]

The films The Hit (2016) Rise of the Footsoldier (2007), Bonded by Blood (2010), The Fall of the Essex Boys (2013), Essex Boys: Retribution (2013) and Rise of the Footsoldier: Part 2 (2015) are also based – to varying degrees – on the Rettendon murders.


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