Essex and Suffolk Border Football League

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Essex and Suffolk Border Football League
Country England
Founded 1911
Divisions Premier Division
Division One
Division Two
Division Three
Number of teams 56
17 (Premier Division)
14 (Division One)
13 (Division Two)
12 (Division Three)
Level on pyramid Level 11–13
Feeder to Eastern Counties League
Promotion to Eastern Counties League Division One
Relegation to Colchester & East Essex League
League cup(s) Knock Out Cup
Current champions Coggeshall Town (Premier Division)
Wormingford Wanderers (Division One)
Website Official website

The Essex and Suffolk Border Football League is a football competition based in England. The league has a total of four divisions headed by the Premier Division which sits at step 7 (or level 11) of the National League System. The top club may apply for promotion to Division One of the Eastern Counties League.

All member clubs compete in the Border League Knock-Out Cup. The league is affiliated to the Essex County FA and Suffolk County FA.


The league was officially founded in 1911,[1] although the league includes records of the Colchester Borough League (founded 1893) and Colchester & District League (founded 1903) in its history.[1] Founder members of the Border League in the inaugural 1911–12 season included Clacton Town, Colchester Town, West Bergholt and West Mersea.

Over the last 100 years the league has seen many changes in its status with many clubs progressing to a higher level. The overlying trend has been the migration of the larger clubs and their replacement by smaller clubs with more basic facilities. For much of the last 20 years the Border League has run 4 divisions which included a significant proportion of reserve teams. The league lost several members in 2005–06 when the reserve teams of the Eastern Counties League clubs left for their own competition. A year later another division was disbanded with the Border League clubs now having their own reserve competition. This leaves two divisions of clubs, with 16 clubs in the Premier Division and 14 teams in Division One. There is a high representation of village teams but a new trend has emerged with the acceptance of Barnston from Division Three of the Essex Olympian League and Newbury Forest from the Romford and District Football League in the London Borough of Redbridge.

Member clubs 2016–17[edit]

Great Bentley
Hedinghams United
Lawford Lads
Sudbury Athletic

The league has 56 teams spread over four divisions for the 2016–17 season:[1]

Premier Division

Division One

  • Alresford Colne Rangers Reserves
  • Boxted Lodgers
  • Cressing United
  • Dedham Old Boys
  • FC Clacton Reserves
  • Gas Recreation Reserves
  • Hedinghams United
  • Kelvedon Social
  • Lawford Lads
  • Little Oakley Reserves
  • Tiptree Jobserve
  • University Of Essex Reserves
  • West Bergholt Reserves
  • Wormingford Wanderers

Division Two

  • Boxted Lodgers Reserves
  • Bradfield Rovers
  • Brantham Athletic 'A'
  • Brightlingsea Regent 'A'
  • Colchester Athletic
  • Earls Colne Reserves
  • Great Bentley
  • Hatfield Peverel Reserves
  • Kelvedon Social Reserves
  • Lawford Lads Reserves
  • Little Oakley “A”
  • Mersea Island
  • Tiptree Park

Division Three

  • Barnston Reserves
  • Belle Vue Social
  • Bradfield Rovers Reserves
  • Bures United
  • Colne Engaine
  • Connaught Red Star
  • Dedham Old Boys Reserves
  • Flitch United
  • Great Bentley Reserves
  • Holland 'A'
  • Tiptree Heath
  • Weeley Athletic Reserves

Former clubs[edit]

Among the clubs that have left the Essex & Suffolk Border Football League to compete at a higher level are:

List of champions and cup winners[edit]

Season Senior Division
1893–94 St Peter's Institute
Season Senior Division Division II (Junior)
1894–95 Colchester Town Colchester United
1895–96 Colchester United
1896–97 Colchester Casuals
1897–98 Colchester Albions
1898–99 Royal Irish Fusiliers Colchester Albions
1899–1900 New Town Athletic
1900–01 Colchester Crown New Town Athletic
1901–02 Colchester Crown St Leonards
1902–03 Colchester Crown Colchester Rovers
1903–04 2nd Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment Manningtree United
1904–05 2nd Bn. Norfolk Regiment Albion Rovers
1905–06 2nd Bn. K.O.S.B. Albion Rovers
1906–07 4th K.R.R.C. Colchester Athletic
1907–08 Colchester Town Colchester Excelsiors
Season Senior Division Division II (Junior) Division II (Section B)
1908–09 Harwich & Parkeston Colchester Athletic Brightlingsea Town
1909–10 2nd Bn. Scottish Rifles Clacton Town Coggeshall
1910–11 2nd Bn. Scottish Rifles Colchester Athletic Coggeshall
1911–12 1st Bn. East Lancs Regiment 1st Bn. East Lancs Regiment Reserves Colchester St Nicholas
1912–13 Colchester Town Maldon Town 1st Bn. East Lancs III
1913–14 Harwich & Parkeston 1st Bn. Hampshire Reserves Colchester Junior Athletic
Season Senior Division Division II (Junior) Division II (Section B) Division II (Western)
1919–20 Haverhill Rovers
1920–21 Harwich & Parkeston Colchester St Nicholas Wivenhoe Town Heybridge
1921–22 Harwich & Parkeston Paxmans Athletic Brightlingsea Maldon St Mary's
1922–23 Harwich & Parkeston Severalls Athletic Wivenhoe Town Crittall Athletic
1923–24 Colchester Town 2nd Bn. Royal Scots Reserves Colchester Juniors Crittall Athletic
1924–25 2nd Bn. Royal Scots 2nd Bn. Royal Scots Reserves Frinton Town 11th Field Brigade R.A.
Season Senior Division Division II (Junior) Division II (Section B)
1925–26 2nd Bn. Leicestershire Regiment 11th Field Brigade R.A. Wimpole Road Wesleyans
1926–27 2nd. Bn. Rifle Brigade Severalls Athletic Colchester Town 'A'
1927–28 2nd. Bn. Rifle Brigade Wimpole Road Wesleyans Stanway Rovers
Season Senior Division Division I (Junior) Division II (Junior) Division III
1928–29 Harwich & Parkeston 4th Div. Royal Corps Signals Great Bentley Clacton Athletic
Season Senior Division Division I (Junior) Division II (Junior)
1929–30 2nd. Bn. Rifle Brigade 4th Div. Royal Corps Signals Paxmans Athletic
1930–31 4th Div. Royal Corps Signals Heybridge Clacton Rovers
1931–32 Harwich & Parkeston Great Bentley
Season Senior Division Division I (Junior) Division II (Junior) Division III
1932–33 Harwich & Parkeston 2nd Bn. K.S.L.I. Parkside Rangers 1st Colchester Scouts
1933–34 Harwich & Parkeston 2nd Bn. K.S.L.I. Reserves Colchester Old Scouts
1934–35 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers Clacton Athletic 5th Inniskilling D.G. Reserves
1935–36 Critall Athletic Walton Town Frinton Juniors
1936–37 Critall Athletic Great Bentley 9th Company R.A.M.C.
1937–38 Critall Athletic Parkeston Railway 7th Field Company R.E.
Season Senior Division Division I (Junior) Division II (Junior)
1938–39 Hoffman Athletic Butlin's Athletic 9 Company R.A.M.C
Season Premier Division Division One
1946–47 Colchester Casuals Brightlingsea United
1947–48 Haverhill Rovers Great Bentley
1948–49 Sudbury Town Clacton Hotspurs
1949–50 Sudbury Town Halstead Town 'A'
1950–51 Stowmarket Town M.C.E.
1951–52 Sudbury Town Halstead Town Reserves
1952–53 Sudbury Town Stowmarket Town Reserves
1953–54 Sudbury Town Clacton Hotspurs
1954–55 Long Melford Clacton Hotspurs
1955–56 Long Melford Clacton Hotspurs
1956–57 Long Melford Parkeston Railway
1957–58 Halstead Town Woods Athletic
1958–59 Long Melford Clacton Hotspurs
1959–60 Critalls Athletic Halstead Town Reserves
1960–61 Long Melford Brightlingsea United
1961–62 Marconi Athletic Lexden Wanderers
1962–63 Haverhill Rovers Coggeshall Town
1963–64 Haverhill Rovers Haverhill Rovers Reserves
1964–65 Witham Town Lexden Wanderers
Season Premier Division Division One East Division One West
1965–66 Maldon Town Clacton North End Witham Town Reserves
1966–67 Coggeshall Town Rowhedge Sudbury Wanderers
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
1967–68 Coggeshall Town Silver End Tiptree United Reserves
1968–69 Halstead Town Eastern Gas Parkeston Railway
1969–70 Coggeshall Town Sudbury Town Reserves Eastern Gas Reserves
1970–71 Witham Town Lexden Wanderers West End United
1971–72 Eastern Gas Parkeston Railway Wivenhoe Rangers
Season Premier Division Division One
1972–73 Brantham Athletic Wivenhoe Rangers
1973–74 Brantham Athletic Mersea Island
1974–75 West End United Shalford Rovers
1975–76 Brantham Athletic Harwich & Parkeston Reserves
1976–77 Brantham Athletic Sudbury Wanderers
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
1977–78 Halstead Town Felixstowe Town Reserves Clacton Town Reserves
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1978–79 Wivenhoe Town Shalford Rovers Wivenhoe Town Reserves Earls Colne
1979–80 Mersea Island West End United Earls Colne Tiptree United Reserves
1980–81 Sudbury Town Reserves Rowhedge West Bergholt Bramston-Crittall Reserves
1981–82 Harwich & Parkeston Reserves Tiptree United Reserves Stanway Rovers Donyland Swifts
1982–83 Earls Colne Haverhill Rovers Reserves Colchester United 'A' Boxted Lodgers
1983–84 Tiptree United Reserves Bramston CML Haverhill Meat Products Dedham Old Boys
1984–85 Braintree Town Reserves Long Melford Donyland Swifts Royal London
1985–86 Hatfield Peverel Little Oakley Stanway Rovers Stanway Rovers Reserves
1986–87 Little Oakley Stanway Rovers Long Melford Reserves Alresford Colne Rangers
1987–88 Little Oakley Mistley United Gas Recreation West Bergholt Reserves
1988–89 Cornard United Alresford Colne Rangers Royal London Kelvedon Social
1989–90 Sudbury Wanderers Felixstowe Town Reserves Kelvedon Social Cavendish
1990–91 Sudbury Wanderers Alresford Colne Rangers Rowhedge Tiptree Heath
1991–92 Harwich & Parkeston Reserves Kelvedon Social Tiptree Heath Foxash Social
1992–93 Little Oakley Mersea Island Foxash Social Hedinghams United
1993–94 Little Oakley Halstead Town Reserves Lawford Lads Finchingfield Rovers
1994–95 Halstead Town Reserves West Bergholt Reserves Earls Colne Coggeshall Town
1995–96 Gas Recreation Clacton Town Reserves Silver End Kirby United
1996–97 Gas Recreation Ipswich Wanderers Reserves Cavendish Brightlingsea United Reserves
1997–98 Gas Recreation St Osyth Kelvedon Social Reserves Tiptree Heath
1998–99 Gas Recreation St Osyth Needham Market Reserves Wivenhoe Town Reserves
1999–00 AFC Sudbury Reserves Clacton Town Reserves Tiptree Heath Birch United
2000–01 West Bergholt Weeley Athletic Wivenhoe Town Reserves Bury Town Reserves
2001–02 AFC Sudbury Reserves Stanway Rovers Reserves Whitton United Reserves Weeley Athletic Reserves
2002–03 Rowhedge Alresford Colne Rangers Bury Town Reserves Bradfield Rovers
2003–04 Little Oakley Bury Town Reserves Hatfield Peverel Witham Town Reserves
2004–05 Gas Recreation Hatfield Peverel Witham Town Reserves Gosfield United
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2005–06 Gas Recreation Witham Town Reserves Brightlingsea Regent
2006–07 Gas Recreation West Suffolk College Great Bradfords
Season Premier Division Division One
2007–08 Gas Recreation White Notley
2008–09 West Bergholt Holland
2009–10 Gas Recreation Wormingford Wanderers
2010–11 Brightlingsea Regent Lawford Lads
2011–12 West Bergholt Haverhill Sports Association
2012–13 Gas Recreation Tollesbury
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
2013–14 Gas Recreation Alresford Cone Rangers Reserves Gas Recreation Reserves Team Brantham
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2014–15 West Bergholt Hatfield Peverel Cinque Port
2015–16 Coggeshall Town Wormingford Wanderers Cressing United
Source: Essex & Suffolk Border League


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