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Essie Jain.

Essie Jain is an English singer-songwriter born and raised in London, who is now based in New York City.


Her first published work was a single track, "Why", on the album The Sound the Hare Heard, which contains a single track each from a large number of artists including Sufjan Stevens and Colin Meloy. This record was curated by Slim Moon and released by Kill Rock Stars.

In July 2006 she did a Take-Away Show video session shot by Vincent Moon. In this session, Essie plays acoustic guitar and sings "Understand" and "Glory".[1] Both songs would soon be released on her first full-length record.

Her first full-length record, We Made This Ourselves, drew comparisons to the British folk singers Sandy Denny and Vashti Bunyan.[2] This record was originally released in the United States on Ba Da Bing records and was later released in the rest of the world on The Leaf Label.

The New York Times wrote that "Ms. Jain builds stark miniatures out of a few light strums of guitar and her haunting alto. On her captivating new album, We Made This Ourselves, her voice is multitracked in precise harmonies that can be warm or ghostly."

Essie Jain recorded a Daytrotter session that was released April 7, 2010.

In 2011, she started her own record label and released Until The Light Of Morning which is an album of original lullabies for parent and child, written and recorded by Jain. As she says on her website: "This record is made for every parent and every baby (and anyone else) who needs to rest and head off into the land of sleep."

In 2013, Huffington Post announced the release of "All Became Golden" her first audiovisual release; the result of a collaboration with filmmaker Natalie Johns and critically acclaimed composer/arranger Nico Muhly. Inspired by Frank Sinatra's recording process, a small audience was invited to witness these live orchestral recordings in the beautiful DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City, capturing a collaboration of Nico and Essie, the recording process and Jain’s deep connection to the music.

In 2015, Jain released To Love, an album of modern chants, movements and meditations. Following this, she began curating live musical accompaniments for healing events, retreats and yoga classes.

In 2016, she began recording the Musical Meditation Series with her husband and longterm collaborator Patrick Glynn. Inspired by their live performances, Essie brings her Voice and the Harmonium to meet Patrick's Guitar and Pedals, and together they create and improvise one of a kind arrangements to bring to their songs to life. This series includes 5 pieces of music and features several guest musicians, with each song being released over the course of 2016/17.


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