Essie Pinola Parrish

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Essie Pinola Parrish
Born Essie Nellie Fisk Pinola
Died 1979
Nationality Kashaya Pomo, American
Known for Basket weaving, Kashaya language studies
Movement Native American basketry
Patron(s) Robert Kennedy

Essie Pinola Parrish (1902–1979), was a Kashaya Pomo spiritual leader and basket weaver.[1][2][3]


Parrish was best known for her expertise in basket weaving. Robert Kennedy was among her collectors.[4]

Essie Parrish, "along with Mabel McKay, of the revitalized Bole Maru Dreamer religion." She lectured at the New School in New York City in 1972.[5]"She was acknowledged as her people’s 'dreamer' at age 6 and had a great ability to prophesy and interpret dreams."[4]

Parrish educated Kashaya (Kashia) children in the Kashaya Pomo language. She collaborated with Robert Oswalt, a linguist at University of California, Berkeley, to write a dictionary of Kashaya Pomo.[6] Her work on Kashaya Pomo is in the California Language Archive.[7] She "helped create over 20 anthropological films documenting Pomo culture and ceremonies."[8]


"Toward the end of the world, when I am no longer here ... it's important people remember and respect."[9]

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