Estádio Ilha do Retiro

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Coordinates: 8°3′46.63″S 34°54′10.73″W / 8.0629528°S 34.9029806°W / -8.0629528; -34.9029806

Estádio Adelmar da Costa Carvalho
Ilha do Retiro
Full name Estádio Adelmar da Costa Carvalho
Location Recife, Brasil
Owner Sport
Capacity 35,020
Surface Grass
Opened 1937
Sociais-Cadeiras da Ilha do Retiro.jpg

Estádio Adelmar da Costa Carvalho, usually known as Estádio Ilha do Retiro or simply Ilha do Retiro, is a sports stadium situated in Recife, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, owned by Sport Recife.

The stadium's official name is Estádio Adelmar da Costa Carvalho, and it was inaugurated on July 4, 1937. The stadium's common name, Ilha do Retiro, is the name of the neighborhood where it is located. The stadium's official name, Adelmar da Costa Carvalho, is in honor of the Sport Recife president who presided over the first major renovation of the stadium. Blocks of high-rise flats border the ground giving the residents and visitors excellent views of the games in the stadium from their windows and balconies.


Ilha do Retiro was the first stadium to be built in Recife, after Sport Recife bought a 17-hectare small ranch.

In the 1950 World Cup, the match between Chile and the United States was played at the stadium.


  • Official name: Estádio Adelmar da Costa Carvalho
  • Capacity: 35,000 spectators
  • Pitch Size: 105m x 78m
  • Opened on July 4, 1937 (Sport-Santa Cruz 6-5)
  • Record: 56,875 spectators (Sport-Porto/PE 2-0, June 7, 1998 in Campeonato Pernambucano)
  • Address: Praça da Bandeira, s/nº - Recife (PE)