Estádio do Campo Grande

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Estádio de Campo Grande
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Owner Lisboa FC (1912–1917)
Sporting CP (1917–1937)
S.L. Benfica (1940–1954)
Capacity 25,000
Surface grass
Broke ground 1911
Built 1912
Opened 1912
Renovated 1940
Expanded 1940
Closed 1954
Demolished 1955
Lisboa FC (1912–1917)
Sporting CP (1917–1937)
S.L. Benfica (1940–1954)

Estádio de Campo Grande was a multi-use stadium in Lisbon, Portugal. It was used mostly for football matches and hosted the home matches of Sporting CP and then S.L. Benfica. The stadium was able to hold 25,000 people and opened in 1912 owned by Lisboa FC. In 1917, Lisboa FC leaves and ground is taken over by Sporting CP which uses it until 1937, leaving for Estádio do Lumiar.

In 1941, Benfica moved in, after Estádio das Amoreiras was demolished for a freeway. By then the stadium needed renovations, being abandoned for over 3 years. It was closed in 1954 when the original Estádio da Luz opened.[1]


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Coordinates: 38°45′33″N 9°09′34″W / 38.759158°N 9.159573°W / 38.759158; -9.159573