Estadio Cibao

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Estadio Cibao
LocationSantiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg
Coordinates19°28′1″N 70°42′32″W / 19.46694°N 70.70889°W / 19.46694; -70.70889Coordinates: 19°28′1″N 70°42′32″W / 19.46694°N 70.70889°W / 19.46694; -70.70889
OperatorÁguilas Cibaeñas
Field sizeLeft Field – 335 feet (102 m)
Center Field – 385 feet (117 m)
Right Field – 335 feet (102 m)
OpenedOctober 25, 1958
Águilas Cibaeñas, Dominican Winter Baseball League

Estadio Cibao is a multi-use stadium in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Currently, it is mostly used for baseball games and hosts the home games of the Águilas Cibaeñas in the Dominican Winter Baseball League. The stadium opened on October 25, 1958 and was constructed by the engineer Bienvenido Martinez Brea.[1] Estadio Cibao seats 18,077 spectators, making it the largest in the Dominican Republic.[2] Its field dimensions are 335 feet at the foul poles, 365 feet at the power alleys and 385 feet at center field.

In 2008, Estadio Cibao exclusively hosted the Caribbean Series for the first time. Yet, this was the second time in the Dominican Republic that series was played outside Estadio Quisqueya (the first was in 1976, when the venues were split).

Main Entrance into Estadio Cibao

Estadio Cibao renovation[edit]

In 2007 President Leonel Fernández initiated a renovation project of the stadium in time to host the 2008 Caribbean Series.[3] The project included extending the visitors club house, remodeling the main entrance, construction of a multi-use stage behind center field and construction of both a new batting cage and a bull pen.[4] The renovation, priced at $110,320,921RD (~ $3,065,000USD), was a part of a larger public works project that totaled $5,750,000,000RD pesos.[3]


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