Estadio Agustín "Coruco" Díaz

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Agustín "Coruco" Díaz
Nuevo "Coruco" Díaz [2]
Estadio Agustín Coruco Díaz.jpg
Full name Estadio Agustín "Coruco" Díaz
Coordinates 18°39′18″N 99°11′31″W / 18.655069°N 99.192027°W / 18.655069; -99.192027Coordinates: 18°39′18″N 99°11′31″W / 18.655069°N 99.192027°W / 18.655069; -99.192027
Owner Municipal Government of Zacatepec de Hidalgo, Morelos
Capacity 24,313[1]
Field size 105 x 68 m
Surface grass
Opened November 30, 1964 (1964-11-30)
Renovated Mid 2014
Expanded from 16,000
Construction cost MXN$500 Million
Zacatepec (1964-present)

Estadio Agustín "Coruco" Díaz is a football stadium named in honour of a local player named Agustín "Coruco" Díaz. It has a capacity of 24,313 seats[2] and is home to the team Cañeros de Zacatepec.

This stadium is one of the oldest in Mexico and its origins can be traced back to 1948. It is located in Zacatepec, Morelos. The official opening of this stadium was in November 1954. This stadium is nicknamed the Selva Cañera ("Sugar Cane Jungle") because of the tropical weather that distinguish the municipality of Zacatepec. There was a very famous player and later coach named Ignacio Trelles, who ordered to irrigate the field one hour before the football match, leading to a very strong vaporization and an increase of the temperature to near 40 Celsius (more or less 100 Fahrenheit), that was very hard for the visitor squads. Another oddity of this building is that is it located very central in the town of Zacatepec and beside the sugar cane refineries.

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