Estadio de Béisbol Francisco I. Madero

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Estadio Francisco I. Madero
photo of stadium interior during a night time game
First game after renovations, 28 March 2011
Location Doctor Jesús Valdez Sánchez
Zona Sin Asignación de Nombre de Colonia
Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico
Coordinates 25°26′1.15″N 100°58′43.70″W / 25.4336528°N 100.9788056°W / 25.4336528; -100.9788056Coordinates: 25°26′1.15″N 100°58′43.70″W / 25.4336528°N 100.9788056°W / 25.4336528; -100.9788056
Capacity 16,000[1][2]
Scoreboard 14 metres (46 ft) 22 metres (72 ft)[3]
Opened 1963[3]
Renovated 1999[3]
Saraperos de Saltillo[5]

Estadio Francisco I. Madero is a stadium in Saltillo, Mexico. It is primarily used for baseball and is the home field of the Saraperos de Saltillo.[3][5] It holds 16,000 people, and features a video screen measuring 14 meters high by 22 meters wide (46 feet high by 72 feet wide).[3] The stadium is named after Coahuila native Francisco I. Madero who served as President of Mexico from 1911 to 1913.

The stadium was renovated in 1999,[3] and again in 2011.[4] The reopening ceremony on 28 March 2011 followed the most recent renovations and was attended by Saraperos President Alvaro Law, former Saltillo Mayor Jericó Abramo Masso, and President of the Liga Mexicana de Béisbol Plinio Escalante Bolio.[4]

Pantalla TV original
Old scoreboard, 4 February 2009
Pantalla TV upgraded
New scoreboard, 28 March 2011
The video scoreboard has been upgraded to a large high resolution display measuring 14 by 22 meters


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