Estadio General Ángel Flores

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Estadio Ángel Flores
La Fortaleza Guinda
Full name Estadio General Ángel Flores
Location Culiacán, Sinaloa
Owner Tomateros de Culiacán
Operator Tomateros de Culiacán
Capacity Concerts: 24,000
Baseball: 16,000
Field size Baseball: LF: 290 feet (88 m),
CF: 385 feet (117 m),
RF: 305 feet (93 m)
Surface Grass
Opened 1948
Closed January 5, 2014
Tomateros de Culiacán (LMP) 1965–2015

Estadio General Ángel Flores was a stadium in Culiacán, Mexico. It was primarily used for baseball and served as the home stadium for Tomateros de Culiacán. It also hosted the 2001 Caribbean Series.[1] The stadium opened in 1948 [2] and demolition of the structure began and was completed in January 2015, right after the final game where Tomateros defeated Charros de Jalisco to win 2014-15 season title. Tomateros will play in the New Tomateros Stadium, with a capacity of 19,200 and will be ready for the 2015-16 season.


Coordinates: 24°47′54.65″N 107°23′22.14″W / 24.7985139°N 107.3894833°W / 24.7985139; -107.3894833