Estadio Huancayo

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Estadio Huancayo
Full name Estadio Huancayo
Former names Estadio IV Centenario (1962-2005)
Location Huancayo, Junín, Peru
Coordinates 12°4′22″S 75°12′7″W / 12.07278°S 75.20194°W / -12.07278; -75.20194Coordinates: 12°4′22″S 75°12′7″W / 12.07278°S 75.20194°W / -12.07278; -75.20194
Owner Instituto Peruano del Deporte
Capacity 17,000
Surface Grass
Opened 1962 (1962)
Sport Huancayo (200?–present)
Deportivo Junín

Estadio Huancayo is a multi-use stadium in Huancayo, Peru. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home of Sport Huancayo and Deportivo Junín. Other teams that previously used the stadium are Deportivo Wanka and Meteor Junin. The stadium holds 20,000 people.

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