Estadio Jorge Calero Suárez

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Estadio Jorge Calero Suárez
"El Calero"
Former names Los Sauces
Location El Salvador Metapán, El Salvador
Owner Alcaldía Municipal de Metapán
Operator Alcaldía Municipal de Metapán
Capacity 10.000
Surface Grass
Built 1940
Renovated 1995
Construction cost 1,125 Colones
A.D. Isidro Metapán

Stadium Jorge "Calero" Suarez is a stadium located in the city of Metapan, is the largest stadium in this city and is used mostly for football matches, is the home of A.D. Isidro Metapan of the First Division of El Salvador, has been remodeled several times to be authorized for the Concacaf games, with games A.D. Isidro Metapan.


The modest stadium was built at the beginning of the 40's and was until 1995 the mayor of that time, it was proposed to remodel the stadium and rename it. After its construction in 1996, a tribute to goalkeeper metapaneco with which he was named the stadium and its subsequent opening surrendered.


The stadium Metapan "Jorge 'Calero' Suarez Landaverde" Named after the former goalkeeper of the selection of the 70, Jorge 'Calero' Suarez Landaverde. "The Willows" was the first name of the municipal court of the city of Metapan, in honor of the number of trees of the family that had polvozo around the ground. Sixty years ago, back in the early 40's. Isidro Menendez, then next to Metapan, had its location on this court.

In 1995, an alderman of the municipal government in turn proposed to rename. They said it could take the name of the goalkeeper, leader of the metapaneco football. Thus it was that in 1996, after the completion of the work, which included the bleachers the east side and roof-1 was given a tribute in life he was selected national and member of several national, Guatemalans and even Canadian teams.

To date, the stadium is known and the name of the 'Calero' Suarez. Among the rest of the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 seasons when Isidro Metapan was in the Liga de Ascenso, it allowed the mayor's proposal, Gumersindo Landaverde, would include the main points engramillado and stadium lighting. Later that year, the engramillado and lighting were engendered by the previous government edilicio Metapan.

Facilities and Capacity[edit]

It has a capacity to accommodate about 10,000 people, the second largest stadium in the West and one of the four licensed stadiums to host international soccer events.

  • The stadium has 4 lighting towers
  • Radio booths
  • new Dressing
  • new bathrooms
  • interior and exterior painting
  • Perimeter wall

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