Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui

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Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui
Full name Estadio Olímpico General José Antonio Anzoátegui
Former names Complejo Polideportivo Luis Ramos
Location Barcelona, Venezuela
Coordinates 10°10′48.30″N 64°39′22.02″W / 10.1800833°N 64.6561167°W / 10.1800833; -64.6561167Coordinates: 10°10′48.30″N 64°39′22.02″W / 10.1800833°N 64.6561167°W / 10.1800833; -64.6561167
Capacity 37,485 (seating only)
Built 1964–1965
Opened December 8, 1965
Renovated 2007
Construction cost US$60.4 million
Deportivo Anzoátegui

The Estadio Olímpico General José Antonio Anzoátegui before called Estadio Luis Ramos, is a stadium located in the Venezuelan city of Barcelona, in the state of Anzoátegui. It was opened on December 8, 1965 by the former president of Venezuela, Raúl Leoni.


The old stadium that occupied the area was demolished and construction for a new stadium started from scratch. A modern stadium was needed to be a venue for the Copa America 2007 soccer tournament. The stadium has a spectator capacity of 37,485 with multiple levels, a closed circuit security system, 2 police stations inside the stadium, 4 locker rooms, 4 temporal offices, an office for the Venezuelan Federation of football and another one for FIFA, an anti-doping room, 2 changing rooms for athletes, a gym, an auditorium for 200 people, 8 food shops, a central control station, a nursery, a roof for the locations of television cameras, restaurant and a VIP Bar, 4 elevators and 24 transmission cabins.

In July 2006, the Legislative branch of Anzoátegui approved 25 hundred million bolivares to speed up the works of the stadium in which have been invested 100[clarification needed] million bolivares.[citation needed]

After the Copa América 2007 finished, the stadium started works on the final touches of the stadium. In March 2008, the roof was finally finished.

Copa América 2007[edit]

The stadium was one of the venues for the Copa America 2007. The following tournament games were played at the stadium:

Date Time(EDT) Team #1 Res. Team #2 Round
2007-07-04 18.30  Mexico 0-0  Chile Group B
2007-07-04 20.45  Brazil 1-0  Ecuador Group B
2007-07-07 20.50  Chile 1-6  Brazil Quarter Final


The following is an incomplete list of known foreign artists who have given concerts in the stadium:

Date Country Artist Tour
November 6, 2011  Venezuela Franco de Vita Tour Mira Más Allá
March 7, 2012  Mexico Maná Drama y Luz World Tour
July 4, 2012  Guatemala Ricardo Arjona Metamorfosis World Tour
June 13, 2012  USA Romeo Santos Formula, Vol. 1 World Tour


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