Estadio Panamericano, Havana

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Estadio Panamericano
Estadio Panamericano Cuba.png
Location Havana, Cuba
Capacity 50,000
Opened 1991

Estadio Panamericano (Stade Panaméricain de La Havane) is a multi-use stadium located near Cojimar, a city ward of Havana, Cuba. It is used mostly for athletics, baseball and alternate site for the Cuba national football team.


It was first used as the main stadium for the 1991 Pan American Games. The stadium opened August 1, 1991 and is able to hold 34,000 people (can had expanded capacity to 50,000).[1]

It served as the site of an episode of the American version of Top Gear in 2016. The episode showed the stadium in disrepair and mostly abandoned.


The stadium was renovated in 2008 with an artificial turf replacing the original grass turf.


The stadium is surrounded by a park and faces nearby Boca de Cojimar (Havana Bay).

Seating is mainly open air with a partially covered grandstand to the east side.

Surrounding the football field is an oval track.

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Preceded by
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Pan American Games
Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Succeeded by
Estadio José María Minella
Mar del Plata

Coordinates: 23°9′27″N 82°19′00″W / 23.15750°N 82.31667°W / 23.15750; -82.31667