Estadio Sergio León Chávez

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Estadio Sergio León Chávez
El Mundialista
Estadio SLC Irapuato.jpg
Estadio Sergio León Chávez December 2009 at night
Full name Estadio Sergio León Chávez
Former names Estadio Irapuato (1969–1990)
Location Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico Mexico
Coordinates 20°41′04″N 101°21′23″W / 20.6845°N 101.3563°W / 20.6845; -101.3563Coordinates: 20°41′04″N 101°21′23″W / 20.6845°N 101.3563°W / 20.6845; -101.3563
Owner Club Irapuato
Operator Club Irapuato
Capacity 25,000
Field size 105 m × 68 m (115 yd × 74 yd)
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Yes
Broke ground 1967
Built 1967–1969
Opened 23 March 1969
Renovated 1985-86
Expanded 1985
Irapuato (1969–present)

Estadio Sergio León Chávez is a Multi-purpose stadium in the city of Irapuato.

It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 25,000 people.[1][2] The stadium was built in 1967 and hosted group C of the FIFA World Cup in 1986 .


Before the stadium was built Irapuato had the Estadio Revolucion which was home to Irapuato FC. The stadium broke ground in 1967 and construction lasted two years. It was founded on 23 May 1969, simply as Estadio Irapuato, gaining its actual name on 4 January 1990, in honour of the former club's president. in October 1968 even before the stadium was completed Irapuato FC invited Spain to play a friendly against them in preparation for the 1968 Summer Olympics its first game played in the stadium, Spain would win the match 1-3. the first person to score in the new stadium was Juan Manuel Asensi from Spain. on 24 May 1970 the Brazil national football team played a friendly vs Irapuato FC in that match the Brazilians beat Irapuato 3-0 with goals from Roberto Rivelino, Roberto Miranda, and Paulo Cézar Caju, Pelé was present in that match.

Two International football Tournaments have been played in the Sergio Leon Chavez.

1986 FIFA World Cup[edit]

The Estadio Morelos in Morelia, Michoacán was originally going to be one of the venues for the world cup but due to problems in the building of the stadium led to the suspension of the work, The World Cup site was then transferred to the Estadio Sergio León Chávez.

During the 1983 FIFA World Youth Championship Tournament FIFA wanted to see whether Irapuato had what it took to host the FIFA World Cup, In 1985 the stadium was expanded and the capacity went from 16,300 to 33,000.

During 1985 several national teams played friendly matches in Irapuato. Also During the 1986 World Cup the Soviets used Irapuato as their training facility.

1986 FIFA World Cup Group C[edit]

Soviet Union 6 – 0 Hungary
Yakovenko Goal 2'
Aleinikov Goal 4'
Belanov Goal 24' (pen.)
Yaremchuk Goal 66'75'
Rodionov Goal 80'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 16,500
Referee: Luigi Agnolin (Italy)

Hungary 2 – 0 Canada
Esterházy Goal 2'
Détári Goal 75'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 14,000

Soviet Union 2 – 0 Canada
Blokhin Goal 58'
Zavarov Goal 74'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 14,200
Referee: Idriss Traore (Mali)

1983 FIFA World Youth Championship[edit]

Ivory Coast 0–0 Uruguay
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 15,317
Referee: Lee Do-Ha (South Korea)

Czechoslovakia 3–2 China PR
Dostal 34', 89'
Kula 75'
(Report) Mai Chao 49'
Li Huayun 56'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 15,317
Referee: M. Karim (Bahrain)

China PR 3–0 Austria
Liu Haiguang 48'
Guo Yijun 79'
Duan Ju 88'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 15,317
Referee: Christopher Bambridge (Australia)

Other Internationals Played In Irapuato[edit]

Mexico 5-0 Canada
Luis Flores Goal 8'15'
Jose Alderete Goal 30'
Raúl González Goal 53'
Raul Arias Goal 68'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Referee: Antonio Márquez Ramírez (Mexico)
GK Arturo Javier Ledesma Substituted off
DF Felix Cruz
DF Rafael Amador
DF Héctor Manuel Esparza
DF Raul GonzalezSubstituted off
MF Jesus Roca Ruiz
MF Jose Luis Aldrete
MF Horacio Rocha Substituted off
MF Luis Francisco Garcia
FW Luis FloresSubstituted off
FW Luis Gilberto Plascencia
MF Alejandro Domínguez Substituted in
MF Raul Arias Substituted in
FW Francisco Jose Fernandez Substituted in
GK Victor Manuel Aguado Substituted in
Bora Milutinović Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
GK Chris Turner
DF Ken Garraway
DF Trevor McCallum
DF Shaun Lowther
DF Craig Martin
MF Charlie Falzon
MF Greg Ion
MF John Connor
MF Randy Ragan
FW George Pakos
FW Paul James
Tony Waiters England

Mexico 3 – 0 Venezuela
Javier Aguirre Goal 23'
Mario Diaz Goal 71'
Francisco Chavez Goal 75'
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Referee: Marco Antonio Dorantes (Mexico)
GK Olaf Heredia
DF Armando Manzo Red card
DF Vinicio Bravo Substituted off 45'
DF Alfredo Tena
DF Mario Trejo
MF Juan Antonio Luna Substituted off 45'
MF Javier Aguirre
MF Armando Manzo
MF Mario Diaz Perez
FW Enrique López Zarza Red card
FW Luis Gilberto Plascencia Substituted off 63'
DF Francisco Chávez Serrano Substituted in 45'
MF Manuel Negrete Substituted in 45'
MF Javier Hernández Substituted in 63'
FW Luis Flores
Bora Milutinović Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
GK César Baena
DF Franco Rizzi
DF Aranguren
DF Useche
DF Icea Substituted off 45'
MF Juvencio Betancourt
MF Alvarez Substituted off 45'
MF Gonzalez Substituted off 45'
MF Herrera
FW Asdrúbal Olivares
FW Bernardo Anor Substituted off 45'
DF Membrilla Substituted in 45'
MF Olivares Substituted in 45'
MF Barco Substituted in 45'
FW Milillo Substituted in 45'
Walter Roque Uruguay

Hungary 1 – 0 South Korea
Kálmán Kovács Goal 52' [3]
Estadio Sergio León Chávez, Irapuato
Attendance: 5,000
GK 1 Péter Disztl
DF 2 Sándor Sallai
DF 3 Antal Róth Substituted off 46'
DF 6 Imre Garaba
DF 0 Attila Héredi Substituted off 61'
DF 5 József Kardos
MF 8 Antal Nagy (c)
MF 10 Lajos Détári
MF 21 Gyula Hajszán Substituted off
FW 7 József Kiprich Substituted off 67'
FW 19 György Bognár Substituted off
FW 20 Kálmán Kovács Substituted in
FW 9 László Dajka Substituted in
DF 0 László Gyimesi Substituted in 46'
DF 14 Zoltán Péter Substituted in 61'
0 Ferenc Mészáros Substituted in 67'
György Mezey Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
GK 1 Cho Byung-Deuk
DF 2 Park Kyung-Hoon
DF 5 Chung Yong-Hwan
DF 12 Kim Pyung-Seok Substituted off 28'
MF 8 Cho Young-Jeung Substituted off 47'
MF 18 Kim Sam-Soo Substituted off 64'
MF 4 Cho Kwang-Rae
MF 16 Kim Joo-Sung Substituted off 73'
MF 13 Noh Soo-Jin Substituted off 71'
FW 7 Kim Jong-Boo
FW 10 Park Chang-Sun(c)
DF 3 Chung Jong-Soo Substituted in 28'
DF 15 Yoo Byung-Ok Substituted in 47'
FW 6 Lee Tae-Ho Substituted in 64'
DF 14 Cho Min-Kook Substituted in 71'
FW 11 Byun Byung-Joo Substituted in 73'
Kim Jung-Nam South Korea