Estadio Universitario Beto Ávila

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Estadio Universitario Beto Ávila
Location Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
Coordinates 19°9′54.35″N 96°7′21.85″W / 19.1650972°N 96.1227361°W / 19.1650972; -96.1227361Coordinates: 19°9′54.35″N 96°7′21.85″W / 19.1650972°N 96.1227361°W / 19.1650972; -96.1227361
Capacity 7,782[1]
Opened 1992[2]
Rojos del Águila de Veracruz (1992–present)

Estadio Universitario Beto Ávila is a stadium in Veracruz, Mexico.[2] It is primarily used for baseball and serves as the home stadium for the Rojos del Águila de Veracruz.[2] The stadium has a capacity of 7,782 people.[1] Prior to this stadium they played at the Parque Deportivo Veracruzano.

The stadium is named to honor Veracruz native Beto Ávila who played for the Cleveland Indians and a few other Major League Baseball teams before returning to play his last year (1960) as a player for the Tigres del México.[3] After retiring from active play Beto Ávila worked to further organize and advance the sport of baseball in Mexico.[3]


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