Estadio Victoria

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Estadio Victoria
Estadio Victoria (Aguascalientes).jpg
LocationManuel Madrigal, 101,
Aguascalientes, Ags. 20190
OwnerState of Aguascalientes
OperatorClub Necaxa
OpenedJuly 26, 2003
Construction costMXN$1.6 billion
Necaxa (Liga MX) (2003-Present)

Estadio Victoria is sports stadium in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. The stadium opened in 2003 and has a capacity of 23,851 seats. Although the stadium is capable of multi-use, its main use is for soccer games. It is the home stadium of the Necaxa football club, which played in Mexico City at the Estadio Azteca before relocating to Aguascalientes and Estadio Victoria. The stadium is named after a leading brand of beer brewed by Grupo Modelo.


Club Necaxa plays at the Estadio Victoria. The first football match at the Estadio Victoria on July 29, 2003, saw Necaxa against Guadalajara and Mexico's national team winning 8-0 over Dominica.

Casa Club, Necaxa's training facilities in Aguascalientes holds sub-17, sub-20, and Amateur soccer try-outs every year. The club offers other competitive sports such as, basketball, volleyball, and swimming.

Estadio Victoria during the Promotion Final 2014-2015.


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Coordinates: 21°52′50.35″N 102°16′31.74″W / 21.8806528°N 102.2754833°W / 21.8806528; -102.2754833